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For various reasons I'm planning to construct a single 16 or 32 ohm earphone without headband for connection to a typical 3.5 mm stereo output socket such that both left and right channels are mixed and heard together.

To avoid any risk of possible audible distortion or even damage to the electronics feeding the socket caused by simply connecting the L and R channels together as is sometimes done, my idea is to place both earpieces (transducers with shells, complete) from a pair of small headphones into one (emptied) earpiece of a pair of large headphones.

I have the necessary mechanical and wiring skills needed to achieve this, but I have no idea which of the hundreds of good headphones out there would be good candidates for the project.

I'm hoping that someone here on this forum is sufficiently intimately familiar with the innards of enough headphones on the market to suggest which specific products I might go for, based on the following outline specs:
- A pair of high-quality on-ear, closed, 16 or 32 ohm headphones with physically small earpieces(*). The headband and cables of these headphones would be discarded.
- A pair of large, closed, circumaural, leather-padded headphones ideally with a socket on one side only for easy replacement of the incoming stereo cable (without in-line controls). The ear pads of these headphones would ideally be interchangeable and the unused one retained as a spare. The headband, the unused earpiece and both transducers would be discarded.

(*) Edit: and a sensitivity of greater than 100dB/mW

Any ideas much appreciated!
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