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I was wondering, if I were to buy some biwire cable but then decide that actually I wanted to use it as single wire, would I be able to use that cable as single wire, i.e. only connect 2 of the 4 ends to the speaker?

Obviously half of the signal would be going to the unused connectors, but does that mean that I would be losing anything compared to if I used standard cable? For example would I have to turn the volume up to get the same output?

The reason why I am asking is that I have heard some conflicting opinions on the effect of biwiring, so what I would like to do is decide for myself over a period of time, and have the option of reverting back to single wire if I prefer it that way.

Any advice would be most welcome!
As you said, you'll get conflicting advice on this subject.

My own opinion is that biwiring makes no discernible difference, all things being equal.
It doesn't make things any worse though either, so I wouldn't worry too much on that score.

If you've already got the cable, try it - you've nothing to lose.

And yes, you can use just two of the 4 conductors and monowire if you wish (in fact you can monowire using all 4 conductors too - just use two from +to+ and two from -to-).
I went from biwire to using both speaker cables into a single binding post and have not looked back.

Obviously you have to connect both sets of - and + so use some speaker cable to do this. I can show you some pics of my speaker connections if you are unsure what I mean, let me know.

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