Singapore, Malaysia (including Grand Prix!) and Bangkok


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Hello all,

Just got back from an absolutely amazing holiday. Took loads of shots but can't possibly share them all here so will pop up a few and add the link to the flickr album with more shots below each place.

Started in Singapore as my Fiancée has family that lives there. Fantastic place to visit, could have spent hours taking photos in various places around here but just didn't have the time!:


Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Chinatown, Singapore by Phil Steere, on Flickr

Chinatown, Singapore by Phil Steere, on Flickr

Panda, Singapore Zoo by Phil Steere, on Flickr

Helix Bridge, Singapore by Phil Steere, on Flickr

Loads more shots here:
Singapore - a set on Flickr

We then flew to Malaysia for the weekend for the Grand Prix, great weekend but stupidly humid!


Malaysian Grand Prix-14 by Phil Steere, on Flickr

Malaysian Grand Prix-19 by Phil Steere, on Flickr

More here:
Malaysian Grand Prix - a set on Flickr

We then went back to Singapore for the week and more sightseeing, then we went back to Malaysia with a group of friends to the beautiful island of Rawa for the weekend. Stunning place:


Rawa-3 by Phil Steere, on Flickr

More here: Rawa - a set on Flickr

Headed back to Singapore after the island, and then on the Monday flew to Bangkok for 3 nights. Enjoyed it even though it's quite mental there!


Bangkok-8 by Phil Steere, on Flickr


Bangkok-41 by Phil Steere, on Flickr


Bangkok-7 by Phil Steere, on Flickr

More Bangkok shots here: Bangkok - a set on Flickr

After Bangkok, we headed back to Singapore for our final couple of days before heading back home.

It's hard to pick 10 photos to represent how much we packed in to a 2 and half week trip, but we did a total of 8 flights and saw many things to keep in the holiday memory bank!

Hope you like them.


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Some interesting compositions, but cannot say I like the processing. In particular the shot from Wat Pho (Temple of reclining Buddha) as the shot does not convey the wonderful colours on show. From the flickr set I do like the shot of the monk.


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Not sure I like the processing, to much vintage for what should be bursting with colour. Looks like you had a fantastic time, No.7 I want to be there.
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Cheers guys, I think you might be right!

These are all quick edits I was doing in Lightroom last night, I need to sit down and really work on them yet but by the end and after 4 memory cards worth of shots I was getting lazy!


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Philbo said:
Glad you like it!

He was one of two old dogs that live on the island, they just potter about all day getting attention from everyone then have a sleep on the beach. Not a bad life really! :)

Are you talking about one of them who lives in Glasgow???now now... Just Joking...

Lovely place to visit... Not too keen on the processing on some but like the shots apart from that.. Thanks for sharing...


nice stuff really like 3,4,7 and 10 :)

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