Sinclair spectrum Best game ever vote and discussion


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Best game ever for the Sinclair spectrum home computer, as per usual i will tot up the totals and edit the first post with the current standings every couple of days or few posts.

Feel free to vote for up to 10 games, these will be awarded points from 1-10 based on the position you enter them in, so to avoid moaning later this will apply from top to bottom, depending on the number of games listed i may include a nicer looking separate result thread later.

Obviously we will probably end up with one of these for the other consoles/computers too, argh you have been warned!! :D

Check out some remade spectrum classics for your pc here

Current standings :-

001) Target Renegade (49 points)
002) Elite (42 points)
003) Robocop (35 points)
004) Gauntlet (33 points)
005) Renegade (22 points)
006) Lords of Midnight (19 points)
007) Paper boy (19 points)
008) Chaos (18 points)
009) Jet Set Willy (18 points)
010) Atic Atac (17 points)
011) Spy vs spy (17 points)
012) Jetpac (16 points)
013) Commando (15 points)
014) Ace (14 points)
015) Batman the movie (14 points)
016) Bomb jack (14 points)
017) Match Day 2 (14 points)
018) Treasure island dizzy (13 points)
019) Chase hq (12 points)
020) Head over heels (12 points)
021) Knight Lore (12 points)
022) The Great Escape (12 points)
023) 3D Stock car (10 points)
024) Ant Attack (10 points)
025) Boulderdash IV (10 points)
026) Commando (10 points)
027) Emlyn hughes (10 points)
028) Exolon (10 points)
029) Infiltrator (10 points)
030) Laser Squad (10 points)
031) 3D Starstrike (09 points)
032) Bear Bovver (09 points)
033) Cybernoid (09 points)
034) Doomdarks Revenge (09 points)
035) Gryzor (09 points)
036) Rebelstar 2 (09 points)
037) Tomahawk (09 points)
038) Viking raiders (09 points)
039) Vulcan (09 points)
040) Where time stood still (09 points)
041) Hypersports (08 points)
042) Moonstrike (08 points)
043) Rambo: First Blood (08 points)
044) Rock N Wrestle (08 points)
045) Yie Ar Kung fu 2 (08 points)
046) Bruce lee (07 points)
047) Desert Fox (07 points)
048) Everyones a wally (07 points)
049) New zealand story (07 points)
050) Skool Daze (07 points)
051) Sweevo's World (07 points)
052) The Hobbit (07 points)
053) Airwolf (06 points)
054) Arkanoid 2 (06 points)
055) ETX (06 points)
056) Fantasy world dizzy (06 points)
057) James bond licence to kill (06 points)
058) Run the gauntlet (06 points)
059) Uridium (06 points)
060) Cybernoid (05 points)
061) Rebel (05 points)
062) Trapdoor (05 points)
063) Trashman (06 points)
064) Barbarian (05 points)
065) Ghostbusters 2 (05 points)
066) Manic Miner (05 points)
067) Monty on the run (05 points)
068) Operation Wolf (05 points)
069) Top gun (05 points)
070) Afterburner (04 points)
071) Chequered Flag (04 points)
072) Echolon (04 points)
073) Ghostbusters (04 points)
074) Gutz (04 points)
075) Starwars (04 points)
076) Ik+ (04 points)
077) International Match Day (04 points)
078) Rex (04 points)
079) Rtype (04 points)
080) Starwars (04 points)
081) Ace 2 (03 points)
082) Midnight resistance (03 points)
083) Rambo first blood (03 points)
084) Sabre Wulf (03 points)
085) Skool daze (03 points)
086) Star Raider (03 points)
087) Teenage mutant ninja turtles (03 points)
088) Underwurlde (03 points)
089) Way Of Exploding Fist (03 points)
090) Wizball (03 points)
091) 1942 (02 points)
092) Arcanoid (02 points)
093) Stagecoach (02 points)
094) Starstrike II (02 points)
095) Tir Na Nog (02 points)
096) Carrier Command (01 point)
097) Leaderboard (01 point)
098) Stunt car racer (01 point)
099) Super stunt man (01 point)
100) Total recall (01 point)
101) Blood n Guts (01 point)

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Never owned one so this ones up to you lot, i suspect an ultimate play the game bombardment.


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1. Elite
2. Tomahawk
3. Gauntlet

I used to play these for hours at a time until my Spectrum+ used to over-heat and hang. I don't remember any of the others.


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1. Lords of Midnight
2. Doomdarks Revenge
3. Chaos
4. Skool Daze
5. Jet Set Willy
6. Manic Miner
7. Knight Lore
8. 3D Starstrike
9. Tir Na Nog
10. Trashman


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My fave speccy games:

Rock N Wrestle - Looks like crap but loved it.
Match Day 2
Target Renegade
The Great Escape
Way Of Exploding Fist
Either Tranz-Am or Jetpac


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1) Ant Attack
2) Bear Bovver
3) Knight Lore
4) Sweevo's World
5) Arkanoid 2
6) Trashman
7) International Match Day
8) Sabre Wulf
9) Underwurlde
10) ETX


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1) Infiltrator
2) Ace
3) Rambo: First Blood
4) The Great Escape
5) Commando
6) Operation Wolf
7) Afterburner
8) Ace 2
9) 1942
10) Blood n Guts

Doubtless some of those were ports - but I didn't know what they were back then and I enjoyed them regardless!


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Atic Atac
Lords of Midnight
The Hobbit
Jet Pac
Jet Set Willy
Chequered Flag

Ah... happy memories!:thumbsup:


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Updated leader board


Hmmm mine are...

1: Elite
2: Jet Pac
3: Gauntlet
4: Attic Atac
5: Trap Door
6: Ace
7: Star Wars
8: Skool Daze
9: Ghostbusters



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This is a real hard choice. Soo many games and so long ago.

1. Elite (good version with fast graphics)
2. Renegade
3. Moonstrike
4. Where Time Stood Still (128k game)
5. Starstrike
6. 3D stock car (budget game)
7. R Type
8. Target Renegade
9. Starstrike II
10. stunt car racer

Its frightening to think how many hours I wasted playing spectrum games years ago.


Can't believe Uridium isn't on the list ;)

....And no Alien 8 or Quazatron?

Edit: and a couple more...Turbo esprit and Saboteur both by durell iirc
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Good man, not many people ever seem to remember this classic!

Anyway, here are mine:

  • 1. Chaos: The Battle of the Wizards - to put its full title, a Gollop masterpiece!
  • 2. Rebblestar 2 - I must have been a Gollop fanboy:), but again, such a great game
  • 3. Spy Vs. Spy - ah, the multiplayer classic, simple but so damn addictive!
  • 4. Everyone's a Wally - that song still just jumps back into my head:D
  • 5. Run the Gauntlet - packed great variety for its time, lovely multiplayer game
  • 6. Monty on the Run - can't really remember my favourite Monty so have gone with this one
  • 7. Treasure Island Dizzy - as with Monty, can't remember which was my fave Dizzy TBH
  • 8. Rambo: First Blood - lovely little game, even had some stealth elements IIRC
  • 9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - all that use of colour, in a SPECCY GAME!:eek:
  • 10. The Great Escape - spent hours planning out my routines in this game, those night runs, so exciting! haha.

There we go, those are the ones that spring to mind, always difficult to compile a list of favourites from so long ago, esepcially when you have a memory as bad as mine, no doubt I missed some of my old school faves there.
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My favorite by far was Boulderdash IV with Construction Kit.

This would be a high contender for the best game ever made IMHO, and I used to love making up some of the craziest levels which was a huge added bonus.

So thats number 1.

2. Robocop
3. Target Renegade
4. Batman The Movie
5. James Bond Licence To Kill
6. Ghostbusters 2
7. Dizzy (Treasure Island Or Fantasy)
8. Barbarian
9. IK+
10. Total Recall

Basically all of the Ocean, Activision game tie-ins were my person favorites.


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I remember buying that for my brothers birthday, from a newsagents! :rolleyes: :D
Yeah those were the days when you could pick up the latest budget games from mastertronic, kixx, firebird, rackit and zeppelin games from one of those rotating stands in your local newsagents, can't ever see them selling xbox 360 and ps3 stuff that way :rotfl:


Those were definitely the days.

The games came out brand new at £9.99.

After six months they dropped to £2.99.

Then after another six months £1.99.

The SNES Days seemed to be the Anti-Spectrum, I remember my mother, crazily in reflection, paying £65 for Street Fighter 2 for Christmas to me alongside £180 for the machine, then paying £50 the following year for Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

I wish I could invent a time machine to go back and say to her and me to not be so crazy as no game is worth that stupid price, they were not even worth £50 which was the RRP of SNES games.


Yeah those were the days when you could pick up the latest budget games from mastertronic, kixx, firebird, rackit and zeppelin games from one of those rotating stands in your local newsagents, can't ever see them selling xbox 360 and ps3 stuff that way :rotfl:

Dont forget psygnosis and Ocean as well mate.


Dont forget psygnosis and Ocean as well mate.
Of all the game makers Ocean seem to stick in my mind for making constant Classics.

I would argue they are the greatest consistent game developer company on any platform.

Well ok I guess for the non retro consoles Konami could be consider this too.

Plus also their great movie tie ins which also had superb music too, which also had nothing to do with the music from the actual move (I used to love the Speccy Robocop music that was also then used in the Ariston Adverts).


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Dont forget psygnosis and Ocean as well mate.
Ah but i said budget, psygnosis did have a budget label called psyclapse or something similar, they didn't sell many full price releases in newsagents probably so they could sell loads, i used to pick a couple up with the saturday paper :D

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cant believe nobody has mentioned Head Over Heeels, easily the best speccy game

1 - Head Over Heels
2 - Spy vs Spy
3 - Hypersports
4 - Bruce Lee
5 - Uridium
6 - Cybernoid
7 - Echolon
8 - Robocop
9 - Ghostbuters
10 - Renegade


Yeah those were the days when you could pick up the latest budget games from mastertronic, kixx, firebird, rackit and zeppelin games from one of those rotating stands in your local newsagents, can't ever see them selling xbox 360 and ps3 stuff that way :rotfl:

Seem to recall the firebird brand was actually owned by BT!

My first two games i ever bought on any platform were firebird spectrum games (didn't buy many spectrum games as TDK D90 cassettes used to do the rounds at school :rolleyes:)

They were Booty and The Wild Bunch


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1. RoboCop
2. Target Renegade
3. Chase HQ
4. Gauntlet
5. Fantasy World Dizzy
6. Top Gun
7. Batman The Movie
8. Midnight Resistance
9. Barbarian
10. Super Stuntman
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Mine would be

1: Target Renegade
2: Gryzor
3: Yie Ar Kung fu 2
4: Match Day 2
5: Renegade
6: Bombjack
7: Gutz
8: Paperboy
9: Head over Heels
10: Commando

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