Sin City & Batman Begins coming to Blu-Ray?

Jim Morrison

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Clips screened at IFA apparantly:

"The highlight of Pioneer's Blu-ray showcase was their Blu-ray theater showroom where they were showing clips of new and upcoming Blu-ray movies including Cars, Wild Hogs, Sin City and Batman Begins."

I wonder if this means we'll be seeing these two flicks on Blu-Ray in the very near future?

Deleted member 92943

Any news as to when Sin City is coming to Blu-Ray?

Deleted member 92943

Any more news on Sin City comming to Blu-Ray. I really want to see this film in HD


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Sin City was supposed to be released by the end of 2007. I guess it'll be out summer this year, hopefully :)


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One of the best demonstrations of High Def I've seen is Sin City on Sky HD.

Absolutely .... one of the reference films I keep on my HD box along with Crank and Over The Hedge. Would love to see it come to Blu-Ray.

Does anyone else remember that it was one of the original titles mentioned on the official Blu-Ray website when it was first launched?

Another Buena Vista UK distributed film I'd like to see on Blu-Ray soon is Kill Bill vol. 1.

(Oh and Warner's Batman Begins would be a welcome addition too).

richard plumb

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I thought Batman Begins and the Matrix were specifically mentioned by Warner recently as coming soon, now that Bluray has 1.1? it was in a brief comment they made about how they'll be releasing those movies that were previously only on HDDVD

personally I'm looking forward to the Matrix, but would really like Casablanca and Robin Hood.

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