SIMZ DVB-T Annoying background music


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This is driving me nuts.
My unit is connected via Scart to Samsung Lcd. Whilst on Freeview (signal from SIMZ) there's background music playing it's like a "Hurdy Gurdy" over and over again. which you can hear constantly. I have no manual & can't find a menu option to remove or mute it.....




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I appreciate your prompt reply.
I think from reading the link I may be experiencing audio interference. Suggestion is to remove pins 1 and 3.

Either that or replace the Digibox.

I shall give it a try.



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Replacing the box may or may not help because the site suggests "..cutting the wires from pins 1 and 3 in the Scart plug at the TV end"


Before potentially ruining scart leads by cutting pin connections, you can establish for certain whether Breakthrough on the scart is the cause or not [ .. and I suspect it probably is not in this case].

If it is scart breakthrough, the source is the output of the TV tuner.
Therefore, change the TV tuner to a 'non station' or quiet station, or anything with a known audio output and see if the problem changes / disappears when monitoring the output of the DVB Box.

In this case I will be surprised if it makes a difference, so I suspect a box swap is required.

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