Simplifying Samsung C8000 Controller - Assign Source Channels to TV Channels


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My farther owns a samsung C8000 and finds the controller alittle confusing. While the TV offers a great picture for his old eyes the controller is far from accessible.

On his old Sony TV I managed to assign the source channels to the standard TV channels. This meant he could easily switch between Sky (HDMI) and Blu-Ray (HDMI).

Does anyone know how to do something like this on a Samsung C8000. If not would there be a simple control you could recommend to suit his needs.

Your help would be appricated.


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Why can't he use the source button on the Samsung?
I believe you can also give each AV input a name which you select from a list.


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He just doesn't understand the system. People have grown up with understanding these systems that when reflected upon really aren't intuitive. It's very interesting talking to him. As I designer myself I understand his problem with technology. Alot of the time it's so busy being so clever it forgot the very reason it was created for, Simplicity.

He poses questions like:
"Why can't I just press DVD and it plays"
"Why can't I just press TV and it comes on"
"Where is play", "Why doesn't it just say play"
"I don't have a steady hand or slender fingers. How am I meant to press these buttons"

I've found this controller and I'm going to give it a go on his system. Not sure if it will work.
One4All Slim Line 4


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The problem with Harmony remotes is they look to bamboozling. Logitech should really create a control for those who do not understand all 60 buttons on display.

A major issue with these controls is they don't limit the use of features enough to avoid mishaps. For example my farther with his stubby fingers will always press multiple buttons by mistake with these controls. This leads to a screen he doesn't understand which means confusion which means anger lol.

I think a lot of people fail to understand the lack of ability some people have with technology. It really is surprising. I myself understand all tech and I always find it fascinating to sit with those that don't to understand why. There are many things that can be done to improve accessibility and intuitiveness.


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Once set-up, the Harmony 600 is a piece of piddle to use. Even my dad can use it and normally he would give any technology a wide berth. Although the buttons aren't the biggest, they are well positioned and distinct.

You can also choose the wording you want for each activity as well - Watch TV, Watch Movie etc. It then just makes it so.

The buttons also illuminate slightly so it can be viewed in the dark.


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I had a Harmony remote (In fact still do somewhere). I think the biggest issue (for my dad) with this remote would be button size.

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