Simplest way to rip a FLAC library to iTunes?


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OK, I have got the ripping of CDs into a FLAC library fine. Only thing I do find is that I'm not over keen on dBpowerAMP default naming convention, which seems to produce an over complicated name, or indeed some of the tagging it uses but I'm not sufficiently conversant with it yet to change all that and that is the least of my worries at present. I'm still not entirely decided whether to use EAC but, and it's a fairly big but for me, DBPA uses the AMG media link to embed album art which will be useful later for Sonos and probably the Ipod. I am going to see if I can get to grips with it's tagging and fileneaming before I do the full rip (which I had planned to have finished by now!!!!!). If I can't sort it sufficiently I may end up using EAC yet but not having to go back an piddle around with album art later is a big attraction. I'd certainly not agree that DBPA is ANY easier to set up mind and the absence of many of the guides associated with EAC make it even more complex in my view.

The biggest problem I have though is how to EASILY convert ALL of the FLAC albums (whatever they've been ripped in which is largely irrelevant) into MP3 into the iTunes folder in such a way that iTunes sees and plays them without a hitch. And by Easy I mean:

i) Converts the albums
ii) All in one sitting (regardless of how long it takes)
iii) Into an MP3 format
iv) Places them in the iTunes folder
v) Creates folders for the artist and individual albums
vi) Takes art with it if available

Now this is proving to be the pain in the butt to such an extent that I'm seriously considering ripping the lot once in FLAC and then again to a different folder (or even PC) using iTunes.

The problem I have is that I have had some success with the conversions using dBpowerAMP and Media Monkey and putting them into the right iTunes folder BUT:

a) The prorcess is not creating artist/album folders
b) On opening iTunes it is not recognising the hundred or so tracks that are now in there and they are not showing up to

The only way I seem to be able to get iTunes to see them is to Import track by track which is frankly a pain and if that is the best I can do I will re-rip the whole lot in iTunes instead. It must be easier than this though.

So, if anyone can recommend the piece of software that is best at this (and I couldn't give a monkey's chuff about which it is) and either point to a set up guide or kindly give details of what settings I need to change to achieve a - e above I'd be most grateful.

That's all I want to do, rip my collection in FLAC and convert another copy of it into iTunes. Sounds like it shouldn't be hard but it is proving to be.

One thing that I'm not sure of is whether Media Monkey is causing any problems. Every MP3 I have on the system is now labelled as Media Monkey file. Now I notice that if I drag an MP3 into My Music/MP3 which is the directory MM is set to use, it sees it and it appears in the playlist. If I do that with the iTunes folder iTunes DOES NOT see it or list in the library. Is this an iTunes foible/problem or is it something Monkey Media does to files and iTunes can't see them. If it's the latter MediaMonkey gets ripped out and binned.
Mediamonkey is fine......You need to disassociate mediamonkey in its options under file types for mp3.

From the main menu, click Tools > Options > General > File Types. That should reset the file types back to normal.

What I would do is this. Convert your files to temp mp3 folder, if you want album art you will have a few issues. Itunes puts a double image link tag into each file in order for it to show in itunes. Mediamonkey will show this as been 2 on the album art section. I use itunes to do album art due to this.

Media monkey can create any folder structure that you want when you output the mp3 files.

I think it has a convert to ipod function have you used that ?


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Thanks - I've disassociated the files so that may help. I'm realkly looking for a way to put the music into iTunes all in one go, folders and everything.


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I'm not sure it was Media Monkey that was causing problems. I think the ONLY way to import a completeyly converted FLAC library will be as you say - create a temp MP3 folder to convert them to and then have iTunes import the folders (which hopefully it can do in one swoop if I select that folder rather than having to do album by album. I plan on using dBpoweramp as my ripper and converter.


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Thanks - I've disassociated the files so that may help. I'm realkly looking for a way to put the music into iTunes all in one go, folders and everything.

I could be wrong, but won't iTunes will stick the mp3 files into artist and album folders automatically if you tell it to organize your library? Not sure that you can just limit it to specifically these things, however.


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