Simplest home cinema system ?


I'm looking to refurb a flat in a nice part of London and then I'm hoping to let it for short term / holiday rentals. Now of course its home cinema system should be a respectable standard but I don't want to over complicate because I want to minimise the number of things that could go wrong and also because I don't want to be fielding support calls e.g. "I can't get surround sound working on Channel 4". Basically a complete stranger needs to be able to pick up the remote and get it working.
So, just wondering if anyone else out there has done a build to this sort of spec and also would be grateful for any general thoughts : should I stick to a single manufacturer ? Would that mean I can get by on one remote ? Is 2.1 enough to be considered high spec ?
I'm stuck with Virgin media for internet and TV sourcing : anything I need to consider about incorporating their kit ?
The good news is I'm going back to the bricks on the refurb so great opportunity to chase in any wiring. I reckon the screen will be on the former chimney breast and any AV equipment in the alcoves either side ?


Sounds like an interesting project, have you had a read here.
Home Cinema Construction and Configuration | - UK Online
yes , that's a very useful thread...most of those projects a bit more ambitious than mine tho ! I'm definitely favouring basic 2.1 with a Virgin box and a Bluray player in a rental property but while the plaster is off I might future proof by putting in the conduits for 5.1....

Off to Richer I think for a look at their "all in one box " range....

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