Question Simple wifi calendar for elderly that shows upcoming events etc


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Apr 26, 2006
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So I bought my grandma a clock from amazon for people with dementia (which she doesn't really, just old age) and its fantastic. Screen about the size of a iPad and cost about £15/$18. Simple black background with the date, day (written like Monday, Tuesday etc).

I'm looking for something similar but it shows upcoming events. Like doctors appointments etc that can be synced to the device from my mac as it gets rather tiresome repeating the same thing multiple times a day and to also annoys her more to the point.

If you google Raspberry Pi calendar you will find various DIY projects that can make a real time calendar with a cheap display.

Digital calendars might be the correct term to look elsewhere or e-ink calendars.
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Cheers, I found something called Dakboard that looks promising!
Its $300 though

Not if I do it myself:

Things You’ll Need
  • Monitor with HDMI input (preferably an IPS panel!) (roughly $200, depending on size)
  • Short HDMI cable (1 foot is perfect, but 3 feet works too) ($7, Amazon)
  • Raspberry Pi computer (plus wifi dongle, if using the Pi version 1 or 2) ($36, Amazon)
  • 8GB+ SD/Micro SD card ($7, Amazon)
  • Micro USB charger (for Raspberry Pi) ($7, Amazon)
  • Power Extension Cord ($7, Amazon)
  • Photo Frame Wire ($4, Amazon)
I already have a IPS monitor so would be around £60 for it.
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