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Although if you were able to set the PS3 to output bitstream, then the 605 would.


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Which would you say has the better decoder, or would it be hard to tell any difference?

Also, if the PS3 does the decoding, due to bandwidth, the signal can still be carried through HDMI only and not optical. Am I right or very wrong?


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I think it would be very unlikely that you would hear a difference.
Optical cannot carry either the decoded or un-decoded Dolby TrueHD signal.

I haven't got a PS3, so could be wrong, but I don't think at present that it can output Dolby TrueHD as bitstream, which would require the Receiver to do the decoding.


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They probably will, not that it will make any difference to the sound.
The only difference will be that the Receiver's screen will say Dolby TrueHD rather than PCM :)

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