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Gone are the days when a home cinema required a high budget, a large, completely blacked out spare room, and a special, complex set-up for your projector and screen.

Today, in a few simple steps, you can project a clear, 100-inch screen into your living room - and you don’t even need to turn all the lights off!

You can even take it to the next level with BenQ’s 4K home projectors: the EISA award-winning W1700 and the TK800. Enjoy vivid living room entertainment with Ultimate 4K UHD image and optimized HDR, without the high price tag of a 4K home cinema.

So, how can you set up your own 4K cinema right in your living room?


A Living Room Is Enough Space, Don’t Worry

Though it’s commonly believed that you need a large space for a projector, in reality, today’s short throw (and even ultra-short throw) projectors make it easy to enjoy 100 inch+ screens in rooms of any size.

First, look for information about screen size and distance. This is typically expressed as "screen size @ distance from the screen" in the product’s specifications.


For example, both BenQ’s TK800 and W1700 are able to project a 100-inch screen at 3.25 meters (100” @ 3.25m).

This means to achieve a 100-inch screen, position these projector models 3.25 meters away from the intended screen. This screen would then roughly need to be 2.2 meters wide to achieve a 100 inch 16:9 screen.

However, don’t think this is the smallest space you’d need. BenQ even has ultra short throw projectors like the W1600UST which you can place right below where you want to project.

You Won’t Need Any Fancy Accessories

Maybe you think you’ll need to get a large screen and expensive ceiling mount and spend time and money installing these. But these extra costs are, in fact, not necessary.


Of course, a screen can be great for projection. But, in reality, all you need is a blank wall to project onto. The best performance is onto a white wall, but any neutral tone will work. Avoid any colours that may change the colour tones in the projection.

As for set up, today’s projector choices can be set up in any placement position - on a coffee table, right below the screen, in a cabinet or shelf, or even on a bedside table.


Before choosing a projector, think about where you would like to place it. There are even projectors that don’t need to be positioned in alignment to the centre of the screen. Depending on the model’s lens shift functions, projectors can be placed above and below the screen, as well as to the side.

For this, the projector must be equipped with keystone correction. Some offer vertical keystone correction, while others include both vertical AND horizontal, meaning you can position it above/below and to the side of the intended screen.

Both the TK800 and W1700 accommodate a +/- 40-degree vertical keystone correction. This means they can be placed above or below the screen but will ensure the projection is perfectly accurate.

However, BenQ even has models, like the W2000, which has a +/-30 degree vertical AND horizontal keystone correction for real ease of positioning into your home and the space you have.


You Don’t Always Have To Turn The Lights Off.

Have you heard that you have to turn all your lights off to view content using a projector? Maybe that you also need extreme blackout curtains as well?

Well, this isn’t the case. Today’s projectors can deliver wondrous home cinema experiences in a variety of lighting conditions.

The important thing to consider here is the brightness output of the projector. To replicate a theater-like movie experience with all the lights off, or just a small amount of lighting from a lamp or two, choose a model with around 2,000 - 2,400 lumens of brightness.


However, if you’d rather keep ambient lighting - say to host gaming/sports parties or still be able to move around with ease while movies are playing - a high brightness model with 3,000+ lumens might be a better choice.

EISA’s Best Buy Projector, the W1700, has 2,200 lumens and higher colour accuracy and is designed for recreating a home cinema in your living room. However, the TK800 has 3,000 lumens and is great for those who need clear, bright projection but still want to keep the lights on.

Keep Things Simple

BenQ’s W1700 and TK800 make things simple for you. If you’re eager to have a home cinema, but short of space, time, an abundance of money, or adequate facilities, these models could be the solution to you.

Quick and easy to set up, both models will seamlessly fit into your home in any room you have available. Turn your living room into your family’s own entertainment centre, or make your bedroom into a glorious home cinema you don’t even need to change out of your pyjamas for.

It’s just that simple with BenQ. An easy solution for the busy Christmas period, but the perfect gift for your family and friends this holiday.

Buy the TK800 now here:

Or unleash the cinematic magic of the W1700 here:
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