Simple, small, v good quality pre-amp??


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Hello everyone

I am potentially after a small, very simple but very good quality line-stage pre-amp to do nothing other than allow volume control, switching between two sources and then feeding a pair of mono-bloc power amps. I don't need it to do anything else, although a remote control of volume would be very useful (but not essential). Now, before some wag comes along and says that that is what all pre-amps are supposed to do, I will try to explain what I am trying to do:laugh::

I have a Marantz SR7400 AV receiver with which I am happy for movies. However I also have a MF Tri-Vista DAC with which I want to achieve much better CD replay than is possible via the SR7400. So, I am trying to get hold of a couple of mono-bloc power amps which I want to feed with the output from the Tri-Vista via a very simple but good quality pre-amp.

My budget is appx £300 and I am willing to look at second-hand as well as new kit.




Retails for around £280 available I think for less. I think this will do the job you want quite well. I would guess if you went into a Dealer you might be able to negotiate down or find a second hand one somewhere.



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My thoughts exactly....the Creek is ok but a bit veiled in comparison with the Audio Synthesis range,but it is much cheaper.

Several reviewers(most notable being Martin Colloms)have rated the AS passive pre's as being as good as £5k active preamps,and I certainly wouldn't disagree with that,as I've not only got one,but also a Creek passive which I had prior to the AS.

If you can stretch to one,buy it...you won't be disappointed either with the sound quality,or build quality,both of which are superb.

Just remember though that they are simply passive attenuators.
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