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I am having trouble with what seems like a simple setup. I am renovating a flat and would like to have a very minimal look. There will be one HDTV hung on the living room wall. I want to have all peripherals hidden in a 'media stack' in the hallway.
I have an xbox, a ps3 and a raspberry pi attached to the tv at the moment (all connected by HDMI). To move these peripherals away from the tv would i be best running a HDMI splitter or 3 long HDMI cables or run through an AVR (No surround sound at present)?


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How far away from the TV are you wanting to locate your devices? If the distance is greater than 8m then you'd be advised to use HDMI to cat5/6 as opposed to long HDMI cables. You can either have all your components hooked up to an HDMI matrrix or switch that also facilitates HDMI via cat 5 or 6 or you can connect them to a basic HDMI switch prior to a dedicated HDMI to cat5/6 extender? There would still need to be a small cigarette packet sized device close to the TV in order to convert the Cat5/6 signal back to HDMI.

If the devices are close enough to the TV to use HDMI cables (less than 8m away) then you'd be best connecting the devices to an HDMI switch and then running a single HDMI cable from the switch to your TV. There are HDMI switches available that can be controlled remotely. If controlling such a device remotely via IR then you'd also need to look at ways of extending the IR signal to where your devices are located.
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If you are intending to have surround sound in the room the AVR can potentially replace the HDMi switch as it will act as a switch though you would need to run all the Speaker cables back to the Cupboard.

I would also check that your controllers for PS3 and Xbox will work at the distance you are considering.

You then need to consider IR control of both your sources and the AVR/HDMI switch, as Dante has said, all very doable but just need careful considering.

I would recommend running 2/3 Cat6 cables from the back of the TV to the "media Stack" for future use and a backup. Also dont forget to run coax for aerial connection as well

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