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i am about to replace my old beloved Sony Str940.......the reason?? well quite simply its dialogue..............after total frustration of mumblings during blackhawk down and Harts war i simply have to change it, don't get me wrong it has been a great servant with plenty of grunt but i feel things have moved on and finess is also required that along with the ability to hear dialogue clearly...............interestingly i read a thread this week with another 940 owner saying he has the centre pushed up by 5db so i am not the only one

Well heres the current set up...

Dedicated cinema room size 14ft long by 12 ft wide(open ceiling)

Pansonic pta100e projector
Sony str 940
tosh 510e dvd
B&W fronts 602'2
b&w centre cc2
Eltax 140 dipoles
Paragidm ps1000
Dreamcast etc.............

I have been give a budget by the boss of the cinema (wife) of £400 which amp should i go for? as there seems a high level of competition at this level...........???? seems that the Yamaha rx630 seems popular and the Marantz 5200?? has any one auditioned these together?? also does anyone have the Yammy rx 800 ?? as richer have these i believe for £399

Please note i only want this for MOVIES as i have a music only set up elsewhere all your comments would be of help,i have till friday to decide as with all men once we get clearance the money starts burning that hole and the sheer joy of unpacking boxes with the smell of new poly styrene and a manual...................oh sorry i digress

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why not try a different centre speaker first?

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cheers mjn...............i thought that this b & w centre was a good alround performer and alo is matched to my fronts???

x man


If you can push to a *little* more money, the Denon 2802 comes into your reach... I use a Toshiba sd510e running into one and it sounds like a whole different World to the Sony 930 I used to have.

I only use mine for movies and I have been more than happy with it in every respect.

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