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I need a cheap digital camera that also allows me to transfer the video to my laptop. I don't need it for anything else than filming my kids golfswing and then transfer the film into a golf swing analyzer.

My laptop has 2 USB ports and 1 S-video. I assume I can't use Firewire right?

Would a Sony Digital Handycam TRV130E work?

I have also seen this one

which is only 12.99.

Any input is very appreciated.



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Have done some more research.
I have Sony CCD-TRV62 NTSC video HI8 camera.

Can I use the Belkin capture device to tansfer video from my analogue Sony to my laptop? As mentioned earlier my laptop has 2 USB ports and a S-video connection.



An analogue camcorder should work fine for your requirements as picture quality is not going to be too important. A simple USB analogue capture device will be all you need to get the footage onto the PC.



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The pack says on the back Windows 98, 98 SE, 2000 and ME.

I have Win XP Professional.

When I try to install VideoWave I get an error message saying can't find DirectX, then I click 'next' and it says 'Please wait while DXMedia 6.0 is being installed'. Then it just sits there and nothing is being read from the CD.

I think I'm f*&ked..........


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I'm capturing the pictures but no sound. Does the sound also come thru the S-video connecting or do I have to connect the RVA audio cables?

When I click on settings and audio and then chose USB Videobus I get the following error message 'An error occured while connecting to audio device'. If I chose Crystal WDM Audio I get no error message.

No matter what I chose under audio or if I have the RCA cable connected or not I don't capture any sound.

Any suggestions?

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