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My system comprises Dynaudio Audience 52's as my fronts.

If I added a set of KEF Eggs and the accompanying ASW do I run into a problem of setting the crossover on the ASW?..........in that the ideal setting for the Eggs would be different to that of the Dynaudio's??

Terribly sorry if this question is so stoopid as to be offensive. I'm new at this and it's a bit daunting


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im not clued up on dynaudio speakers but i gather you intend to use them for you left/right fronts?
if this is the case buy a centre with the same drivers as your fronts if possible, as using a kef for a centre with your dynaudio's is not going to sound very nice.
Intergrating the sub sat system with your current fronts is not going to be at all easy.
I know it doesnt directly answer your question but hopefully it does in a round about way.

Ian J

You wouldn't have any problems setting crossovers or integrating the eggs and sub into your system but they would probably sound awful.

At the very minimum the front three speakers should be similarly voiced so that you can't detect any changes in timbre when voices and sounds pan across the soundstage. The centre speaker will be the one that works the hardest so should not only be one that matches the front stereo pair but also one that is a competent speaker in it's own right and as Ridd suggests, try and get something that matches your Dynaudios.

The matching of the rear speakers to the fronts are less important so you could buy a pair of Eggs if they suit you and likewise with the subwoofer,it doesn't have to match anything else so just buy a decent one.


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Needless to say I would suggest a matching centre such as the 122c centre or perhaps the slightly lesser 42c model.- okay the 122c costs a bit and is a little larger due to the extra driver, but given you have forked out for the 52's (and i trust you like them) i reckon this is the better tonal match - I also preferred the symmetrical driver arrangement on offer.

More importantly if you wish to get at all serious with Home Cinema the centre channel is the one you must get right from the get go and as Ian has mentioned, and others will too, you should aim for tonal matching across the front soundstage, which basically means stick with Dynaudio if you keep the 52's for front duties.

hope this helps
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