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Hi all

I am looking at some new speakers for my Onkyo 506 amplifier.

The ones I've looked at come with banana plugs. Now pardon my ignorance and lack of knowledge, but what are banana plugs?!?

I can only connect the speakers via a bare cable - is this still possible even though the speakers come with banana plugs?

Thanks in advance



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Maplin > Audio Banana Plugs

They are little adaptors that you screw your bare wire into. Most speakers and amps have little holes on their terminals (most of the time blanked off with a little plastic plug). Some people prefer it others dont bother, you dont need them for connection if you dont want to, just connect with a bare wire.
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Nope , just wrap the wire around the terminals as normal.


I use banana plugs as I find they are easier to unplug and re-connect especially when reaching behind an amp.


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You can probably use the Banana plugs on your speakers, but you may or may not be able to use them on your amp. Though likely you will.

If you speakers and amp have standard 5-way binding posts like this -

Parts Express: Gold Pressfit Speaker Terminal

or this -

Parts Express: High Power Terminal with Fuse Holder

A close up -

Then no problem, the terminal posts will take banana plugs, pin plugs, spade lugs, or bare wire.

However, if either your amp or your speakers have this type of compression binding post, you can't use banana plugs on that end.

Parts Express: Square Pressfit Terminal

With this type, you push the little button and the hole opens up, you push the wire into the hole and release the button and a spring clamps down on the wire securing it in place. Then you can only use either bare wire or Pin type plugs as seen here -

Parts Express: Gold 12 AWG Pin Compression Connector Pair

NOTE: These links are to a USA website, but I'm sure you can find the same in the UK. I used this site because I'm familiar with it and knew they had the parts I needed to refer to.


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