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    I am in process of borrowing a record deck to copy once and for all my vinyl discs to digital MP3 or Mini disc .
    How do i connect up the audio leads from the deck as if i plug into any of the audio input sockets i get sound but it is not amplified and not recording.
    Whats the easiest way to transfer this format.I have a CD/MD deck with analogue input but same thing happens.
    Ideally i would put it onto my P/C

    Sorry for being a plonker!


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    To transfer from a record deck to minidisk you will need a phono amplifier. NAD and Project do basic ones for around £40 and both are pretty good stages. Anything cheaper will more than likely sound rotten or no better than an in-built phono stage of most amplifiers. You could always check and see if your amp already has a phono stage (I'm assuning it hasn't) in which case you're already there, and all you need to do then is to hook up your minidisk to the tape in/out's of your amp.

    To get to MP3 on the PC is a bit harder. You will need to take the output of the phono stage into a line input on your sound card, assuming it has one. Most Soundblasters do carry one but it won't be the best sound quality in the world, unless it's the Audigy 2 which I am led to believe has good sound quality. Recording can be done on music match jukebox, but I do not know how good or easy it is, and I believe it has to be copied as a wav, then compressed to MP3. Others may have recorded analogue sources before onto PC and may be able to give some better suggestions.

    Hpoe this is useful

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