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Pat Marcus

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Just before I take the plunge and order a Digifusion 200m, Humax or Topfield 5800, are there any others that I should be considering ? Are there any iminent products to arrive on the market, as I am not in huge rush.
How long do you all think it will be before we see PVRs or freeview boxes outputting PAL progressive, let alone scaled images to 720p,1080i or 1080p ?
Combined DVD/HD/Freeview boxes like the top Sony do this, dont they ?

many thanks


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I'd suggest, from evidence here and elsewhere, that you strike the Humax 9200 for the present. Sadly, its software stack's stability isn't (yet) up to scratch with freezes/lockups being its party piece. While it may well be improved with some future OTA update, for the moment this is just a promise.

It seems that the Topfield's current stack is stable as is that of the Fusion. I haven't seen much comment on the Inverto so its difficult to evaluate.


I ordered the Inverto with £5 next day delivery (couldn't wait!) tuesday from boots (with £15 off: the code is HGYU23). Arrived thursday. So far a great bit of kit. The twin tuner for starters seems the only way now as recording has never been easier. And the quality has certainly beaten my expectations; it IS the quality you'd watch live, no artefacts, pixelation or anything. Noise wise I thought it's review as quiet meant it WAS quiet, however there is a hum though very low and the hard disk does click occasionally. (I'm not sure how other boxes compare) But this is in a bedroom about 6ft away and the clicks are JUST audible, and the hum you can't hear that far away. This shouldn't put you off, I was just as concerned at noise (which is why I went for this rather than the Fusion) and this has not made me want to return it. The best is that the fan completely shuts off in standby so you can get that goods night sleep without having to shut the whole thing off! Recording is dead easy and you can even manually adjust an auto-time pad for start and ends of recordings to always automatically compensate for broadcast over-runs. Overall I've been very pleased with this and would definately recomend it. If you have any questions just ask me or even go to the dedicated Inverto forum (I must admit Inverto goes to the top in available support and help :thumbsup: )
Hope this helps

P.s Mediaman, it is damn sexy! :D

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