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Pat Marcus

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Dear Experts

I think Im now ready to "go NAS" and get rid of all my music and film media with the exception of lovely vinyl.
I notice that Synology, QNAP and Netgear have all released new models or ranges so now seems like a good time.
Ive read plenty of posts from people be-moaning lack of speed and wishing theyd invested more so Im thinking of spending between £400 and £500 on the diskless enclosure and getting something with at least 1GB of Ram and and 2.0Ghz processor. The device will only be used by me and possibly SWMBO and Im reckoning on a 4-bay 16TB jobbie with 8TB mirrored.
Im only interested in using it for streaming films and music to UPnP (smart TVs, Bluray players etc) and probably Apple devices.

Models Ive been considering include the Synology DS412+, the QNAP TS-421 and the ReadyNAS 314.

Im not terribly techie and am frankly nervous about doing this but can call on a sibling to help if I get stuck.

What do you reckon and if youve got suggestions for the HDDs to use, too, Id love to hear them ?

Thanks vm.


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Synology is the easiest to use & feature rich so I would stick with that.

For iOS devices it's best to use Synologys companion apps which are some of the best available. AppleTV's are a bit awkward but you can Airplay content from Synology's apps to the AppleTV but the content must be natively compatible so mp4/m4v and m4a for audio etc.

Any HDD thats on Synology's compatibility list should do.


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Go with the N40L, I've now got two of them & they are brilliant. I use one for storage & streaming that has 5 x 2TB WD Blacks giving 7.25TB of raid 5 storage & one as an ESXI box running various VM's.


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You wont get any iOS companion apps with those PC servers which are very techy solutions. Synology is much better option here.


the synology ds412+ is a perfect soloution and within your budget and for a four bay NAS it has everything including a brilliant UI with feature rich content to download. I have researched this model into greater detail and this is what I have ordered today

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