Simple Overclocking question


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IIRC max operating temp is 85deg so you've got a way to go yet but 64 deg is a little high. I have an abit nf7-s version 2 and an xp2700+ too and my temp is 55 deg (according to motherboard monitor5) under load. Maybe a hsf and thermal paste sre needed to reduce your temps or a bios update may help. I think that earlier bios rev's gave inaccurate temp readings that later revisions rectified:)


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Cheers Hawklord.

I have the same mobo as you as well.

I have the 2003 bios, but isn't it dangerous to flash the bios?
I've heard that it can seriously knacker your pc?


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I think there's a possibility and the rule is generally don't flash unless you need to. I flashed my mobo though and had no problems.


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I've flashed a few times (oooer misses) without any problems. The earlier bios on our mobo did give inflated temp figures though I'm sure of that. Here's the history the various bios upgrades fyi:-

If your happy that the mobo is stable etc and have had no problems I'd be inclined to let sleeping dogs lie. The temp is almost certainly inaccurate imo.

just my 2p:)

as per abit:-

Version: 13 Released Date: 2003-01-07
Please use AWDFLASH 8.23D or later to update NF7 series BIOS. With incorrect AWDFLASH version, the GUID will be erased, and leads to IEEE1394 peer to peer function failed. AWDFLASH 8.23D is included in this BIOS package.
Revise the CPU Interface Table for 333FSB CPU.
Correct the CPU Temperature misreading issue. With BIOS V1.0, 1.1,and V1.2, the CPU temperature reported in BIOS is too hight. V1.3 BIOS fixes it and report correct CPU temperature; meanwhile, the Hardware Monitoring tool needs to be updated to "HWM_NF7V13.EXE" together with BIOS update.
Change default year to 2003.
Update SiliconImage Sil3112A BIOS to v4.2.00.
Add new function- Shutdown when CPU FAN fail.
Revise function- "CPU shutdown temperature" and "CPU Warning Temperature".
Fix Windows XP fail to shutdown when "USB support" is set to "By BIOS".
Support AMD 333 FSB Barton CPU.
BIOS Compile Date: 01/07/2003.


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I believe you have a radeon 9700 which is clocked hawklord!!

I am in the process of playing with my 9800 pro and would like to know any tips you have up your sleeves :)


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Originally posted by ted26
I believe you have a radeon 9700 which is clocked hawklord!!

I am in the process of playing with my 9800 pro and would like to know any tips you have up your sleeves :)

I've only had a quick tinker but have left it at stock settings as I'm not completely sure what I'm doing and don't want to fry my card:blush:

Here's a few links to overclocking tools for ATI cards though:-

remember you may need to mod your card with extra cooling solutions if your overclocking as more heat needs to be removed.

hope that helps.

I'm gonna hold out for the next generation of cards which are expected in the next few months:clap:

you also may find the forum here usefull:-


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hi there all.
just wondering if anyone has any experience of overclocking the asus A7V8X-MX SE motherboard?
i currently have an amd athlon 2600+ cpu connected to it and was wondering if anyone knows if it can be overclocked and if so,by how much and how do i do it.
i've had a little search around and read something about changing the fsb in the bios but it appears thats not possible in the bios of this motherboard.
here is the board in question:

is there any jumper settings i have to change on the actual board instead?
i did have to do this when i initially installed the board,but that was to get it to recognise the 2600+ rating.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

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