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Can someone please recommend a simple cost effective MP4 video media player to incorporate in a sculpture I’m making.
I’m using two Mini 7” computers HD screens, they were used with Pi computers. They are each powered from a usb lead, video signals from hdmi, hopefully this is a graphics card on the back?
So looking for two media players.
This is what I’m looking for:

  • The most important thing is they need to be really simple to start playing the videos each day at the gallery by non-technical staff ie remote with a few simple buttons, not a number of menus and sub menus. Simple to use is one point but they also need to be started at the same time, they don’t have synced footage but need to start playing within a second or two of each other.
  • Can run on loop continuously for 8 hours a day for 4 weeks without overheating or stopping issues. So a good quality reliable unit. The contents running time is 7 mins to be looped.
  • Run video from usb stick or sd card or stored on unit, whichever is the fastest transfer speed for smooth playback.
  • HD is more than enough, no need for 4K etc or any other apps, streaming, WiFi, you tube etc. Just video player.
  • Normal mini jack sound output, I’m using a portable speaker with built in amp for sound.
Hopefully this is simple enough, I experimented using Pi computers but they were too complicated for the gallery staff to mess around switching on and setting up each day, looking for a much simpler method, any help would be greatly appreciated.

If there are lots to choose from then the most reliable make?


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You had the right idea with the R-Pi but what you need for this is digital signage software, this turns the R-Pi into exactly what you want. T

There are a ton of different solutions out there some have basic free options with pay for extras on top like info-beam or pisignage, info beam has a movie wall feature. Pi presents is more standalone less cloud/internet related, it has guides for setting up with USB storage videos.

Most media players do not have the means to auto play a video, at best you could configure something that runs Kodi to autoplay a video and the R-Pi's you have could do that with liberelec a linux/kodi platform, there is even a party mode add-on which may do it quickly within Kodi without having to modify any OS files.

You could also add a script so it auto shuts down at set times.

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Go on Google app store and search, Signage player, many to choose from.

Also Video Kiosk Player
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