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Hi all,

Please could someone recommend me a NAS drive that will be suitable for my requirements:

1) RAID enabled - preferably RAID 5 or 1
2) Fast (ish) write speeds for large MKV files
3) Be able to stream MKVs to my WD TV Live over gigabit ethernet.

Fairly simple requirements, I dont really need any of the things that the Synology's or Qnap's do as really, all I want is a large file dump which is connected to my network.
I wont be setting up user access, security, backups etc etc, it is purely for copying my MKV files onto and then watching them on a WD TV Live media streamer, and for copying backups of my RAW photo's from my PC's internal HDD onto for added security - the RAW photo backup will be managed by SyncToy and will simply be a case of copying my D:/Photos/RAWs to N:/Photos/RAWs Backup (where N is the NAS drive!) - nothing complicated.

Currently looking at the Buffalo Terastation and Linkstations - leaning towards the Terastation as I believe it has much better read/write speeds.

Please help me pick a NAS drive which is suitable for my requirements, as a network connected external hard-drive to be used a file dump.

Thanks :)

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