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    Hi everyone.

    A little bit of advice please. I am wanting to buy a Camcorder that I will be giving as a gift to my elderly parents so they can film bits and peices (holidays, weddings, family meet-ups) and transfer onto VHS tape now and again. It is to replace a very old VHS-C camcorder that has now decided to pack up after years of service. I am looking for nothing special, just has to be......

    1. around £250ish
    2. Simply to use (pointless having lots of settings and buttons they will never use).
    3. Easy to transfer to VHS. No need to link up to a computer just cable between the camera and VCR.

    I've been looking at a Sony DCR TRV255. Does anyone have any other recommendations or views on the TRV255?

    Thanx for any hadvice you can offer me :)

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