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Just bought a JVC GS-TD1 3D camcorder from Japan. It took a while to find a copy of the originally included Pixela software, only to discover that it's complete rubbish.

A basic viewer capable of displaying 3D formats like Stereoscopic Player costs anywhere between EUR 49 and EUR 1200 depending on usage. But the biggest shock is that there is NO known editing software that isn't being marketed by some rent-seeking scoundrel who expects monthly payments. Is it any wonder that 3D never took off?

Now, I have assessed the websites claiming to recommend 3D editing software, and checked out all the obvious offerings. Their reviewers are invariably clueless, even those claiming to have technical backgrounds. So, I'm looking for suggestions here.

Specs: Basic compositing, simple fades, adding music, must cope with 1920 x 1080 x 2 (50i or 60i, depending on locale) MP4 and MTS files (i.e. MVC format) in and out, not so fussed about MPO (3D stills) since other tools are available for that. I don't need image libraries, fancy wipes, 3D titling, animation tools or any other <Removed>, just something that enables me to cut together actual video footage into a coherent story. Even story boarding is probably a luxury that could more easily be done on paper.

Last requirement: it MUST run on Windows 7, if I wanted to "upgrade" my OS I'd be using DaVinci Resolve or something like that. But that's a large learning curve and I just don't need it right now.

So, does anyone have a sensible suggestion? And for goodness' sake don't claim any of this free cross-platform garbage written in Python is usable, I've tried it.

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Sorry, forgot to mention that I also don't need DVD authoring tools, there are tons of good, free offerings about for that. And as for streaming capabilities ... forget that too. YouTube is fine.
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FWIW, the audience for 3D is surprisingly small - it was pushed about 10-years ago, when Tech seemed to make it easy... but even Pros realised the "Production Costs" were too high when they could make their money with conventional digital films . . . and nowadays, many viewers seem satisfied with a mobile-phone screen-view.

Sadly for you there seems to be few able to assist .... A friend of mine has the old Pana 700 (excellent camcorder), with the 3D accessory lens for side-by-side file creation... he never uses it. I bought a "3D TV bundle" with a Philips 3D DVD player - never used in 3D-mode and the TV is quite "dull" - I suspect the polarising steals brightness. The 3D plastic glasses remain in a box somewhere. I was hoping to make 3D-animation at the time.

I thought modern Editing Software would handle 3D, - but maybe suppliers don't think it's a selling-feature.... esp. as Folk are now interested in 4K -

Cheers... + I hope you find what you are looking for.

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