Question Sim2 Nero 3d any good?


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Picked one up from one of my trade companies that was hidden with no photo in the clearance section due to damaged box and missing remote I paid £599 plus vat.

I know it’s not 4K but was in clearance new and noticed the RRP!!! The guy had to go and double check that the price was correct, he couldn’t find the manage so just went through with it along with some other goodies for myself but I do install Control4, Elan or RTI in my own property rentals and the occasional customer.

Not doing 4K is a tad poor but it does 3D and 120hz but I don’t see why it costs so much?! Do I keep it or sell on?

Along with the projector I bought (for myself) the LG65GX, Elac Sub 2030 (damaged box) for £150 + vat and some RTI gear.


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Seems a good buy, have you tested it works?

Probably struggle to sell for anything close to it's original RP

Much better projectors that offer much more now


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With Sim2, the lens and calibration level plus motion is what you are really paying for here and yes the lumens count isn't great compared to today, for most of everything else, the Sim2 should hold its own especially at the price point.

Lets not forget this was a projector which cost £13k when launched and regardless of anything even some of the native 4K projectors will struggle against this projector in some areas. So although it won't deliver everything that today's projectors do, it will also being something that even today's in the £5k - £7k market will struggle to match

Read more about it here --->

Do remember though that if its been tucked away for a long time, DLP projectors have many moving parts and if any of these have issues, you'll need more than the price of the unit to repair it plus a genuine lamp will cost might be more expensive than you realise

Buying an older Sim2 is like buying an older Mercedes or Roll's. They can be cheap, but also very expensive to keep going

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