Sim2 HT300 Link --- Keeps turning off light


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I am having a couple problems with my Sim2 HT 300 Link (early version, not E).

The first one has been going on pretty much since new, although quite a lot more frequent now. I can turn it on, via remote control, and it may start up OK; it may come on upside down with a green cast; or it may start, but not stay on long enough to show a picture, and shut off. Light on the processor remains green as if it thinks it is still working OK. Turn off/back on at processor, and it usually comes on OK. Its getting to where I have to do that a copule times.

But the more pressing problem is that now, it will just turn off the bulb after watching for a while. Fan going in unit, but goes off. Again, to get it going, turn off/back on at the processor.

Anyone have any ideas about what might be wrong?

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