Sim2 Domino20 - upgrade?


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I bought a Sim2 Domino20 (non-HDMI) about 3 years ago now. It's a great projector and I can't really fault it at all!

I haven't kept up with projector technology in the meantime, so don't really know how a Domino20 falls into today's product line-ups. Are there better projectors out there now (around the £3-4k mark), that would make an upgrade worthwhile? Or will my Sim2 keep up with the latest hardware for a bit longer?

I know it doesn't support true HD resolutions, and that is something that may sway my decision to upgrade. My Xbox360 is on order, and I'm considering getting Sky when they move to HD (currently on NTL cable).... But then thats only if I have the hardware to support it....

So, is it worth upgrading? And if it is, what would be the best projector in that price range today? Are the Sim2 projectors still a good buy, or have some of the other manufacturers taken the lead?

Also, any ideas how much a Domino20 with approx 1500hrs on the bulb life is worth in the 2nd hand market? :p




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Are there better projectors out there now (around the £3-4k mark), that would make an upgrade worthwhile?
Yes and the model is the Optoma H79.

Or will my Sim2 keep up with the latest hardware for a bit longer?
The Sim2 20 is a very good projector. If it was my decision i would hold out until Sky launches their service. In addition you might be pleasantly suprised how well the Sim2 handles the Xbox 360.


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Keep your 20 for the time being as it's a fantastic pj. I recently upgraded to a 30H which is better (even though I'm not using HDMI) but I wouldn't have done so if I hadn't needed the slightly shorter throw distance. If I were you I'd wait until this whole HD thing appears and then consider your options.

As far as selling the 20 you're going to lose a fair bit I'm afraid! I sold mine a few months ago on ebay, mint/boxed, just over 700 hours on the clock and a few months original warranty left for £1500! It appears I didn't do too badly either judging by others I've seen for sale. The problem is the Domino 18 is pretty much the same as the original 20 and can be had for 2 grand new now!


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Ahh.. i think I saw your D20 on eBay! Remember watching it to see how it went, and was hoping that it was a lucky buy for someone rather than the norm!

Oh well. I can't say I'm disappointed by the Domino20 anyway. It suits me fine, and it's only now I've started looking around again to see where things are that I feel like I'm "falling behind".

I think i'll just bury my head in the sand for another 6-9 months and stay ignorant to all these nice shiny new bits of equipment that are tempting my wallet!



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tbh i'd agree with you, stay with what you have till this time next year, see how big the HD world has got, and also see what the latest PJ's are like, then make your move........sadly i didnt already have a nice PJ to stay with, i had a 28in Philips widescreen CRT i did well with my infocus 7205, makes me happy :)

Timmy C

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To be honest I'm not sure you're really falling behind otherwise Sim2 would have scrapped the Domino 20 altogether and replaced it with something new. As it stands the only difference between your pj and the current Domino 20H (other than the price drop) is the HDMI input. With companys like Sanyo and Panasonic releasing new models every 5 minutes it's easy to get the feeling that your pj is ancient but I bet if you took it in to an av dealer for some comparisons you would come away happy with what you've got.

Maybe if Sim2 bring out a replacement it might be time to look into it again!

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