Sim2 Domino D80 bulb needed


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Hi guys

New to the forum. Bought this projector new a number of years ago and it's been fantastic, really impressed. Not used it for close to 8 or 9 months but turned it on last night and the picture was really dark, you almost couldn't see it. Figured a replacement bulb was needed so ordered one from a companies website that stated next day delivery, great, I have a family gathering this weekend and wanted to have pictures and cine film (converted to digital) showing through the afternoon. Got an email from them today telling me that they have to order the bulb and that it will be 7 - 10 days........ Can anyone help or tell me A: Where can I get a replacement bulb quickly? And B: What bulb would be a suitable replacement as I can't find the original bulb anywhere. Original bulb is osram p-vip 200/1.0 p22. I've seen some on eBay that state they are direct replacement and cost around £75..... Any good?

Thank you in advance


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Be aware some folk will supply the Lamp only which means you have to disassemble, replace and reassemble the Lamp module (the complete plastic assembly you normally swap out) - the Lamp assembly for your Projector is closer to £500 if you can find an OEM part.

As per Comfypants35 I’d talk with SIM2.



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Thanks guys, sorted now. Ordered a bulb via *bay, cost £75 all in and works perfectly. Was a bit dubious but thought it was worth a try at that sort of money, easy enough top replace and fitted perfectly. Will monitor it's performance and report back.
Thanks again guys.

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