Sim2 Domino 30WE-H


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Quick question.

Am looking for a used projector for movie nights, sons Xbox and having read reviews I was looking for a Benq 1070.

However the above has popped up for £250. I no next to nothing about projectors, but would this be good enough for watching movies, football and Xbox gaming.

Will be used mainly of an evening / night, so generally in a dark room.

Thanks for any advice.
Look to pick a darbee up if you can afford it will help the quality projected on screen... stay away from the sim2 projector.


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Thanks Fishingtackle,

I have had a quick Google and still not 100% sure what that is however...... [emoji51]

Steve Stifler

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Had the Domino 30H for 8 years. 720p only and fan noise is very loud. Nice picture but my advice is to look at alternatives that are newer and are 1080p. Darbee made a bit of a difference to the Sim2. Bulbs are expensive assuming you can get them. Lens is long throw so image will be small unless you can get a good distance from the lens to screen. Blacks are not so good.


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I still think the OP would be better off spending that extra on a better projector to start with. The Darbee creates an effect (that not everyone likes ;) ) but a better projector might bring more to the overall image.

FWIW I don't use the Darbee section on my Lumagen video processor with my JVC X500, so I wouldn't pay extra for one myself (I did have a free standing unit and sold it).

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