Question Sim2 Domino 30H vs. Nero 3D-1


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I have had the Domino 30H for about 10 years and it seems, that I'll change it. I had bad experience with eBay sellers so far, C3X, HT3000E, etc.

I like the picture of D30H very much, I prefer a quality component cable to HDMI.

Nero 3D-1 is the cheapest Sim2 projector, which offers long throw lenses. BTW I'm avoiding 3D picture.

Did anybody compare the noise of D30H and Nero? Some measurements would be of help.



Sam Ash

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Hi Emil, I too love the image produced by DLP engines. The best thing is to demo the Nero 3D-1 and have a look for yourself. Alternatively, since you are upgrading, you could have a look at Runco's LightStyle series which is considered to be very good too. One of the key advantages of the more expensive SIM and Runco projectors is the quality of their glass which does make a significant difference. However, at this point you should not discount the current JVC and Sony projectors because they throw a nice image and provide value. Hope that helps.


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Hi Sam,

Thank you for the suggestions, unfortunately home demo was not an option.
It turned out that Nero 3D-2 is less noisy than D30H. :)
Now I need to calibrate the new unit, and as there is no support in my area, I'd welcome


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