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Mar 27, 2003
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I feel I must now bring to the attention of the Sim2 forum the following thread which started out as one concerning the InFocus 5700 but concentrates on the Sim2 Domino 20. I did ask the adminstrator towards the beginning if they would transfer it to this new forum but it hasn't been.

In case the url is not picked up correctly, as it is a long one, the thread was posted in the DLP forum and is headed "InFocus ScreenPlay 5700".

I was out today and picked up a copy of April's "What Home Cinema" magazine. This does a comparison of almost the same pj's that I auditioned and vindicates totally my conclusions.

Would welcome any feedback.

Hi Jeff - I didn't see your post until just now - I'm out today, so I will reply this evening

Hi again - sorry for the delay.

There is so much to say about this review that my best recommendation is to go out and buy a copy - however I will outline the main aspects.

PJ's under review: -

HP VP6110 £1050
Optoma Themescene H56 £2300
Sharp XV-Z91E £2150
InFocus ScreenPlay 4800 £1200
Sim2 Domino 20 £3750

The first thing to mention, is that I found it highly disappointing that the magazine included the ScreenPlay 4800, rather than it's elder brother the 5700, which would have given the Sim2 a better run for it's money and inconjunction with my thread above, given a lot of forum members a much better idea as to whether to audition the Sim2 or the InFocus 5700.

Indeed, you could also say the Sim2 was out of the league, price-wise in that it was the most expensive. I will not slag off the ScreenPlay as it received an overall 2nd place @ 89% compared to the outright 1st place of the Sim2 @ 92% because I'm sure the review would have highlighted things that it did not had the 5700 been included instead.

However the verdict was overwhelming in favour of the Sim2 for example: -

Colour and picture quality is stunning
black levels are sensational
the ferrari of PJ's - for it's stunning good looks


"The best sub-£4000 pj we've seen, bar none".

I won't spoil the review for people who may go out and buy the mag, but if there is anyone out there on the editing team of this mag, I really would like an explanation as to why it was felt appropriate to pitch a budget pj against the others in your review and not have a much/far better comparison between the InFocus ScreenPlay 5700 and the Sim2 Domino 20.

Hi to all Im a new member and Ive been reading up all this about the various plus/minus points regarding the 5700 and sim dmino20 and would like to put my view across,I first tried the Infocus 5700 in DV-i via a Denon A11 and after about 30Hrs took it back,this was because of image blur and this is something that knowone has yet mentiond and for the sake of demo material lets use the opening scenes in lord of the rings were the camera pans over the valleys to show the hords of soldiers charging.The 5700 showed this to be a complete blur and other films also showed motion bluring at regular times throughout the duration of the fill.I now own a sim Domino 20 with HDMI and can still feed it with DV-i with a cable i got from Better and although image blur is a trait of pjs the sim is much better at handling this occurence, so it would be nice to hear all youre views on this.Ps thanks to Allen at Sim for you help.
woodmaster - not sure if this problem is a related one to the HDMI issue which I flagged up in my thread - see url above - I was not impressed one bit by the quality of the HDMI signal coming from a Sim2 "H" model as compared with a a standard Component signal (interlaced). Unfortunately I didn't see what the HDMI signal was like from the 5700, but my thinking and that of the dealer was that it would be worse than the Sim! This seems contraversial but there was no doubt in what we all saw and was predicted by the dealer before I asked to see a demo.

Read my thread and a let me know if we are talking about the same thing here. The quality of the image from the Sim2 Domino 20H was "soft" - very "soft" and it most definately bordered on "blur". The Sim2 Domino 20 fed wiith a good component signal, using qulaity component cables, is "PIN-SHARP" - a feature of my full demonstartion - the 5700 was grainy by comparison. This is also confirmed in the review in the above magazine review. HDMI was just not in the same league - and I do not apologise if this is infuriating the manufacturers digital is not always better and I think something of a myth has started to surface about this expensive cable connect - also what good is it anyway if HDMI cables are not produced longer than 3/5 meters - many projectors are situated at the opposite end of the room to the a/v equipment.

Finally people, please do say that the equipment was either faulty or rigged up wrongly or that there was a setting wrong - there wasn't and the deom was a like for like demo, with excellent equipment/cables etc., used throughout.

I understand what youre saying,but I do not own a good quality component cable even the shop didnt have one i could borrow.But what Im going to do is post a counter time for X men 2,its the first image blur effect that I noticed so when you see it you self keep watching the face of the guy with the lazer glasses or what ever they are you will see the camera zoom onto his face and breifly stop then the camera pans to the right to the guards post watch his face and then the wall both will tizz , Ill post chapter and counter time tomorrow.:confused:
Ok as in my last thread heres the counter reading for X Men 2,Chapter 12 at 30mins 13 sec just watch the face of the guy with the eye band thingy as the camera pans right.Let me know what you see as regards image blur and tizz.:rolleyes:
Wish I had the DVD M8 - but I do not - son is coming over this week end, so I will ask him if he has it, or could borrow a copy from one of his pals


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