Sim2 Domino 15khz or 32khz


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Has anyone done a back to back comparison with the Domino projector using the internal line doubler (15 khz) against a progressive signal (32khz)?

Your thoughts are appreciated.


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We have done many comparisons between interlaced and progressive signals with the Domino models and 300 series as well.
They both yield very good results and I think most people would be happy with either. If you already have a DVD player with interlaced component out and you were buying one of the Sim2 range, I wouldn't rush out and buy a progressive player until you have seen what interlaced can do.
We are happy to demonstrate both interlaced and progressive feeds so the customer can see the differences for themselves.
I personally like the results of using the Faroudja DCDi in the projector. That was until I saw HDMI.

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