sim free 5800, with contract 3 sim?


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I'm wanting to buy a 5800 comes with music sim free from Nokia. I have a contract with 3 atm and would want to use my 3 sim in the 5800. While I`m sure that would be fine for my calls etc, where I am unsure is with the internet settings.
I am assuming that 3 will not send me the internet settings for the 5800, as it is not a handset that they do.
Does anyone know if there is another Nokia handset, that 3 do have and would send settings, that has the same internet settings as the 5800.

I just don`t want too drop 300 notes for the 5800 cmw to then find that I can`t use my 3 contract sim with it and get internet connectivity, I have push email etc that comes from my internet data on the 3 sim, and I need to still be able to use it.

Has anyone successfully got a 5800 to work on 3 with the internet, if so where did you get the settings from?

If it's not possible, then I would be better off taking a second contract with Orange, and a free 5800. but would rather go the sim free handset route, if there is anyway to get it working with a 3 sim and the internet.
Any ideas?


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Why not buy an unlocked 5800 from the classifieds? They're a lot less than £300. I think you could probably pick one up for half what you're willing to spend


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I'm specically wanting the "comes with music" edition that has a voucher for 12 months unlimited music downloads from the nokia music store. I could download a huge amount of music in 12 months.

Unfortunately, that means I gotta either go for a new sim free handset, or contract.


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I have put a PAYG 3 sim card in my contract ended O2 N95, full internet works no problem 3.5g just saved the settings from the 3 text - don't see why it wouldn't work on the 5800 as it 3g/HSDPA.

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