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Sim 2 Domino 30H questions


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I 've owned my PJ for about six weeks and have now finally finished building my first HTCP.
The finishing touch was when i took delivery of my HDMI cable which gives me a stunning image at 1280x720 @ 60Hz

Whilst I realise that the following query is slightly weighted toward HTCP I have posted here because I need to hear from other Domino owners about their experience.

My questions are:
1. I use an Asus A8 csm mobo with on board Nvidia 6150 GPU. When I connected via 15 pin RGB cable i was able to select 60Hz for NTSC and 75Hz for Pal.
Since switching to HDMI i can only selct 50Hz or 60Hz. I know some people just leave all sources at 60Hz as a happy medium but why am I limited to 50 or 60Hz. Is this just the limitations of HDMI or the GPU?
The GPU was able to output 75Hz via RGB so why not HDMI?
If I check the "monitor" tab in display properties in XP it states that I am outputting to a "plug and play monitor". Is this the problem? Obviously there are no drivers for the PJ so how can I inform windows that my monitor is capable of displaying 1280x720 @75Hz. (I presume the pj can display this)

I would appreciate any comments from fellow Domino owners and what refresh rates they use and how they get there.

2. I am also trying to get the RGB from my Sky+ to the PJ.
I have been informed that i can purchase a Scart breakout to RGBs.
I can see there is a fourth input on the PJ above the RGB inputs for a sync cable but will this accept the 15Khz signal from a cable like this one http://www.tvcables.co.uk/cgi-bin/tvcables/PGV7405.html?id=GCZRQm5E
Obviously i don't want to waste £50.00 on a cable that may not work.
Once agin I would appreciate any knowledge or experience from Domino owners if they have been successful at getting RGB signal from their Sky+ to the PJ.

I know there is a convertor available to convert from RGB to component but I would prefer minimal hardware between source and PJ if possible.

Thanks for looking anyway.



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It might be worth finding out how the Sim handles 75Hz internally. I think there is a strong possibility that it might frame-rate convert the 75Hz to 60Hz anyway. You may be better off feeding it with 50Hz which it will sync to without the frame rate conversion.

Any reason for using 75Hz instead of 50Hz?



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Hello Alan

If i play either a Pal or Ntsc dvd the Sim will display at 60Hz unless i select 50hz in the display properties.

The reason I was hoping to acheive 75 hz for pal was because I detect micro stutters when watching Pal at 50Hz.
I must say though, watching pal sources at 60Hz seems to make an improvement.

Thanks anyway.


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I feel your pain. Are you using TheaterTek by any chance?

Since upgrading my projector to one with higher resolution I've suffered from stuttering using TheaterTek. I've spent more hours trying to cure this problem than is healthy. The best I've achieved so far is to revert back to version 2.1 with all patches applied PRIOR to 2.2. Even this can sometimes be thrown off into a fit of stutters by a layer change.

To be fair, my PC is probably at the limit of what could be regarded as a minimum spec. Its a 1.3GHz Celeron, 512MB Ram. I'm a bit reluctant to invest in upgrading the hardware at the moment as there is no gurantee it will cure the problem and I've recently been looking at an Arcam DVD into an iScanHD+ which was very good, maybe slightly better than TheaterTek and no stutters.



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Yes i am using TheaterTek, although, Windows media centre doesn't seem to be any better.
i have a decent spec HTCP with 3500 AMD, 1GB ram so I suspect it is either software or the refresh rate.

looks like i am stuck with 50/60Hz.


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