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Dec 11, 2000
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I want one! and having made enquiries there are no UK resellers. I'm speaking directly with Silverstone regarding selling these cases,I'm not a retailer or anything just testing the water to see wether a Power Buy might be possible,subject to approval from Stuart
The range can be found on their web site
I think the LC-01 is just the best looking case out there right now, any ideas on a price for this beast if a powerbuy could be arranged?
Silverstone are sending me a LC-01 case in black to evaluate,no I didn't get it free :(
Awaiting a price from Silverstone,but the good news is Customs&Excise told me the PC cases are duty free with only VAT to pay on the unit + shipping.
Count me in for PowerBuy :)
Rob, how di you peruaded them to send you one for "evaluation" purposes and who did you contact for that ?

I might want one for "evaluation" purposes myself ;)

I told them there would be massive amounts of interest after my wonderful evaluation of their product on this forum ;)
Regarding price I think their waiting for my evaluation and what interest is generated,then it would be a case of getting a price for say 1-10 etc etc,but this is all dependent on Stuart approving a power buy as I have to prove there will be sufficient support from myself and Silverstone if a power buy is going to be successful,dont want to cause dissatisfaction amongst forum members at the end of the day.
Any interest please keep on adding your names and I'll keep you all updated.
I'm interested, more interested the cheaper it gets :)
just done some calculations on how much it would cost buying 1unit from a USA site Sundial Micro,here are the figures
Unit price $154=£82.37
Shipping $79=£42.25
Wire Xfer $15= £8.02
my banks charge for wired xfer £15
VAT on unit + shipping = £21.80
Total = £169.44 @ Exchange rate of £1.8696
Mmmm at that price I'm sure it would scare off any potential buyers,lets hope the price supplied from Silverstone is gonna be alot more reasonable.
Your thread was the catalyst,I wanted a good looking case that could accomadate my present ATX motherboard and an ATX psu with two 5.25 drive bays,cos I got a Pio AO5 and a 120S,looked at the obvious, Accents/Dign but to my mind the LC-01 looks the dogs.
Lets hope when I receive the case it doesn't dissapoint,can I put you down as an interested party in a PB.
Depending on your review and the cost I would also be interested.
Case is being delivered on Thurs,cost and review should be sorted by the end of the week.
Rob, sorry for the delay but I've been away. I will be interested in the price. However, all the toys you see in my avatar have used my allowance with the wife for a while!!!!

I'm working on her.....


Received the case Thursday as promised, the case was well packaged and there were no signs of damage, having unpacked the case was surprised how light an all aluminium case is compared to the steel tower I was using before.
Now the interesting bit building it with all my PC bits. Slid the cover off which was very lightweight, again all aluminium. Started with my M/B a full size ATX Asus A7N8X Deluxe this was straightforward with the standoffs provided, a Zalman ZM400A PSU went in without any probs,there were issues with using some PSU’s in the case maybe this has been resolved but had no others to test .
To install the drives one cage slides out to enable access to both sides, inserted the DVD drives and a floppy no probs so far, continued to install my two hard drives in the cage which I’d previously taken out, the cage has three positions for 3.5inch drives, the hard drives after a bit of messing about need to be in the top and bottom leaving the centre for a floppy etc.
The fiddly bit was inserting the cage back into the case due to the MB being quite close to the cage.
Started cabling up realised my round IDE cables weren’t long enough and also were too bulky so reverted back to ribbons, inserting power to the bottom hard drive was a pain cos the plug over lapped the M/B had to take out both rear screws and push up the drive to plug the cable in.
All my PCI card went in no probs including a Radeon 9500 with a Zalman Heatpipe.
The case has only one exhaust fan so was concerned with heat etc(had a slow speed 80mm fan directly on the AGP card in my old case).
Connected everything up and fired it up, the case was noisier than my old case with just 3 fans,gonna buy a a Rheobus 3.5inch fan controller to sort that out and insert that between the hard drives may also insert two extra fans on the case where there are ventilation holes. Will also put some sound absorption sheets on the cover.
How does it look in the flesh, very nice I’ve not seen any Accents etc but in my opinion it looks pretty cool, M/B temps were on idle diode 30°C,socket 35°C, case 24°C .In summary I’m very happy with the case it took my full ATX MB and my ATX psu and two DVD drives, this was the reason I bought it, drawbacks were a fiddly install (I didn’t read the instructions though) lack of thumb screws but that’s about it.
There is no area where a VFD and IR receiver could be installed (a design issue) and this is what I feel is lacking to make this a true class beating HTPC case out of 10 I’d give it 7.5.
With regards to a powerbuy the shipping costs are huge by air, by sea is probably the only option but delivery would be 4 to 5 weeks, will post shortly with regards to whether a powerbuy is gonna be feasible or not.
how would you compare this against the strata pc cases? i saw a few at a stall setup by Stands Unique. they are going for aroun d 255 quid.
Yeah, but considering current weakness of US$, we can even import the stuff from USA, can't we ?

At SundialMicro it cost $154 and that is in current terms something like £85 (@exchange rate of $1.8 to £1) before delivery and VAT
Here are the prices @ exchange rate of 1.8696
Air Shipment 3-5 days
5 units £185.15 each
10 units £148.57 each
20 units £128.85 each

Sea Shipment 4-5 weeks
10 units £118.77 each
20 units £99.52 each

These prices are at cost inc VAT and shipping from Taiwan but not UK shipping.
HCPC in the rack at the bottom VGA lead wasn't long enough


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Same here, interested at around £100 (I know the exchange rate will vary it!)



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