Silvercrest 28" CRT No Remote Need To Access AV Outputs


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Hi, I bought a Silvercrest 28" model CT 2806-S(UK) CRT Tv From Lidl's sale yesterday for £10 but without a remote control. At that price I thought it was worth it even though most in the know probably would not touch them.

Anyway I have no problem kicking up a dvd player linked thro one of the scart inputs at the back and the tv can be switched on from the front control panel without the remote but I cannot see a way accessing av channels from the menus and I cannot find the inputs recieved throught the tuning channels. But the tv was bought mainly for gaming, I have tried a Nintendo Wii & a Ps2 but neither will kick straight in as the dvd player did.

I also bought a Welltech 8-1 universal remote for literally nothing at the same time (go to these special lidl sales if u see a flyer 4 1 as they are unbelievable)

Unfortunately I could not find the manufacturer Silvercrest in their code section. I have tried 2 e-mail them but so far the e-mail has failed 2 reach them.

sorry 4 the long winded post any ideas 4 a solution would be most welcome.



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Take a clear photo of the front and back of the TV. Myself or JayCee should be able to id it.

Why the double post? :rotfl::rotfl:


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Thanks for the replies. The double post was out of my control I had just registered and my screen locked up when I submitted my post so I sent again by accident.

What I had no idea of when I picked up the universal 8-1 remote in lidl's was that it can auto scan your tv to find suitable signals when you do not have the correct manufacturers codes. Its an excellent feature - I sat down for just over an hour and eventually came up with a code that works everything on the tv - job done av's work great excellent picture & sound for a mega bargain crt.

I think the autoscan feature should be emblazoned all over the packaging on this type of remotes because I have always been put off - thinking i might not find the correct codes in the manual usually sealed inside the packaging - then having 2 ring east germany looking for a code !

Anyway sorry 4 the post when I should have done read the manual 1st.



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it can auto scan your tv to find suitable signals when you do not have the correct manufacturers codes.

Glad you got it going however just a small correction.
The remote isn't "scanning your TV"...what it's doing is transmitting all the TV codes in its (the remote controls) memory one after the other...your TV is just responding whenever it receives the correct code.
This feature is something all but the cheapest all-in-one universal remotes have.


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Thanks for the correction jaycee - I love gadgets but never have the time these days (renovating a house ) to find exactly whats doing what in techno field will just have to keep pickin up tips on these forums

ps had a welltech video sender in the lidl sale - connected up to a sky box and sends great picture ( little flutter when moving around ) and sky remote works great with it

p ps turns out the sky remote transmits the right frequencies for the silverline crt what luck.

if i see anymore lidl sales coming up I will post details on the web site - good site for bargains if u dont already know !

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