Silver or black screen frame?


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Do you actually notice whether your plasma/LCD has a shiny silver edge to the frame/case/cabinet? (or whatever it's called on a modern flat screen)

My wife seemed concerned by the silver edges on all of the screens on display at a local superstore. It's not something I've ever thought about as our present CRT case is all black. As is all our AV kit including the stands.

Does having a shiny silver frame to the screen distract the viewer at all? And is an all-black frame/case readily available as an option on most makes/ models?

I must admit I would prefer a very thin frame preferably in black. There's really no need for wide visible speaker grills down the sides these days except as a matter of styling. I already have those huge black boxes that stand on either side. :rolleyes:

Anybody have any thoughts/preferences on screen frame colour and/or styling they'd like to share? :)



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We have only had ours a day (PWD7) but my better half commented that it was nice having the black because you do not see the frame at all when watching movies etc in the evening. :)

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Yes, you do notice the silver, it is distracting, had mine changed from silver to black - much better :smashin:
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I agree black is best, in this case.
My 7200 has silver speakers outside the black bezel and are definitely distracting.


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I prefer the silver. It's really down to personal choice. Some people say black looks better when the screens on (less distraction) and silver looks better when the screen's off.


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Black all the way mate...especially if all your other kit is mine is.


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Definitely black.

It kind of disappears into the background, where as silver shouts out at you all the time.

I just wish I could get all my kit black too so it would disappear.


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Model T-Ford for me - Any colour as long as it's black!

The future is not bright here!! :rotfl:


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I vote for black as well. Silver tends to highlight the black bars at the top and bottom of 2.35:1 pictures and at the sides of 4:3 pictures. A black frame merges into the black bars.


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I hear Pink is cute.


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lynx said:
I hear Pink is cute.

Pink is likely to become a bit dated. A bit too 70's and fluffy slippers? :D

Makes you wonder though, doesn't it? All that room for self expression but the options are definitely limited in the home furnishings AV department.

Correct me if I'm wrong... but aren't the frames/cases on screens just spray painted anyway? Another tin of Humbrol anybody? :devil:

Teresa's post was very insightful. :)



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IIRC yes, for the Panny', they are all black to start with, and simply sprayed silver.

I've gone for black also, but then again all my other kit is black. Except the damn NTL samsung cable box, it's silver and just ruins the whole look ;)



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