Silver fx placement ?


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Ive upgraded to MA Silver fx, got the old dilemma of placement now, i currently have MA bronze bx on my side walls but reading through many threads I have to wonder if on the back walls would be better.

I've attached photos, my options are above the door to the right, which is 6 ft high, or higher up the side wall, and the other photo just to the right of the black velvet looking square again 6ft high, or keep it in the alcove (106 cm wide alcove) and go higher again.

If placed high on the back wall they would be 160cm apart but only 30cm down from the ceiling and 80cm above ear height.

Any feedback would be great thanks.20180803_085637.jpg20180803_084007.jpg


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I would personally recommend that you use the bronze's on the back wall as rears and the silvers on the sides. The main reason for this is that the silvers on the sides will give you better dynamics and clarity because they are matching timbre's with the front which I take are of the silver range. Surrounds will have more information than rears to put out. Rears really only consist of the odd woom of an aircraft or bullet ricochet. Just my two cents.

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