SILLY ? TIME hd-dvd add on and crt


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right my wife decided to ask what i thought was a dumb question but now its got me thinking

i have my 360 set up with my pc and a hd-dvd add on which i got cheap with a load of films

now in the living room i got the kids a 360 of their own just connected to a 36 inch tosh crt

the wife said last night she fancied watching 300 which i have on hd-dvd

i called her a silly moo and said no point putting the hd-dvd player in the living room to watch it as it would not play as the t.v is only sd

but after mulling over it today could i actually be wrong lol does it still play but obviousley not at high def :suicide:


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Yeah, it should still AFAIK play on an SD set.. just, obviously, downscaled to SD, seeing as for most 360's it already downscales the 1080p to 720p, I'd assume it could downscale all the way too.

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