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I know it is! Here goes, my gf has ntl in here area but in her flat she has not analogue feed through the roof areial (wall socket), she has a areial plugged in the back of the tv, is it possible for her to get a free to view box or otherwise and watch digital tv? As u can see i am really ropey onthis subject.

Thanks in advance.
If I understood your post correctly, your girlfriend doesn't have an external aerial. If so, she could try using an DTTV free-to-view box with an indoor aerial like this one from Argos:


I've never used one, but it claims to be compatible with digital TV so if it doesn't work, then I guess you could take it back to Argos for a refund.

It is a good idea to also check your girlfriend's postcode to see what the digital reception is predicted to be. You can do this online at:
Ta very much squirral god, will give it a try in the near future and let you know if it works.

I have a free to view box and recently tried moving the box from it's normal downstairs location with external aerial feed.

I have very good reception both analogue and digital.

At the new location the DTT box was connected to a portable and I used the normal portable loop aerial as the feed source.

The picture was perfect, no break-up at all. If you are able to receive DTT signals at your location (try the postcode check as suggested) then the quality of your analogue signal might give you a rough indication of potential success.

I have very good reception, so I think that made the use of the loop aerial viable for me.

Good Luck :)

The general analogue reception is poor, so i may get her an areial as suggested by SG or some other amplified but i will try with the loop areialk first, i soehow never though it would be possible but now i know it is. Thnaks

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