silly question............


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well, it may be silly but i don't know the answer and really would love to know:

if you have a receiver or a power amp/processor, can you get the receiver/processor to drive two sources at the same time?

two situations:

1- watch a dvd in my 5.1 system (listening through the 5.1 channels) ans, at the same time someone listening to a cd by headphones ???????

2- watch tv in 2.0 or 3.0 still via receiver and in the back of the room someone listening to music from the cd player hooked to the same receiver in the surround channels ??????

can it be done? or no way i'm just crazy to think about it! !?


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Depends on the amp/receiver/processor. For example the Denon 3801/2, A11SR, A1SR will let you have 5.1 in one room and you are able to reassign their Surround Back power amps for Multiroom use (for cd playback etc). They also have a MultiZone feature as well which means you need to connect another amp for use in the other room.

The A1SR has two multizone outputs as does my upgraded A1SE, not tried it myself but you should be able to have 5.1/7.1 in one room and two seperate outputs for other rooms, you´d need two other amps though. You may have to doublecheck this as its a feature I´ve never used.

What I´m not 100% on about the A1SR is I know you can have 5.1 in one room, 2 ch in another room using its Surround Back amps, but I don´t know if its possible to have one of the Multizones (or both!) running at the same time.


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My old Kenwood midi could do this (it was a midi in sepoerates if you know what I mean, even seperated pre and power parts!) in a round about way. It had omni outs that could play a different source. For some bizarre reason they thought you may like to listen to a CD with environmental sounds in addition to what youwere listening to, like waves lapping on the beach whilst you listen to the radio (they even supplied a CD of environmental sounds including an F1 track a particularly relaxing track that enhanced quiet classical music!!!).

I disconnected the omnis (never used them), wired speakers to the kitchen and had one stereo giving sound to 2 rooms with different sources at the same time. Thus allowing me to listen to radio 4 when I got home and my wife to have music while she cooked. I thought this was neat until I never usedit after i set it up. I also noted that this enhancement never made it into any other kenwood product.

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