Silly question time - horizontal-pull pull out screens?


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Not quite taken the PJ plunge yet but plans are well afoot. Just been sketching my maximum possible screen size onto my chimney breast (terraced house) and although the 58" width is going to be HUGE compared to my 28" CRT it could perhaps be a little bigger.

What I was thinking was that if I could find a pull-out screen that pulls out horizontally I could mount it onto some sort of frame that swings out from the side of the chimney breast... screen is pulled out and clipped onto a similar swing out arm on the other side :)

I realise that I should just go for a ceiling mounted pull down screen but I neitherr want a big box stuck to the ceiling and an in-ceiling with slit is not something I want to try with laven plaster ceilings.

THanks people.

Oh and failing that does anyone know about rolling up regular screen fabric? will it cope?


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cheers for the response showler. THing is is that this is the main screen of the house and so will be out a lot of the time. Also (and I already know how dumb this is) there is fire underneath which is needed to heat the room. The pull-up screen would kind of get in the way.


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slightly more sensible question.. can pull-down screens be pulled up and held hooks? With a pull down you have gravity pulling against the pole creating tension to remove wrinkles but if you pulled it up then it would simply be the spring of the mechanism that would create the tension... would this be enough?


Let me get this right, you are going to be using a 'flappy' 'heat sensitive' material above a working fire !

  • Screens ripple with heat (as the plastic shrinks)
  • Heat from the fire may cause the screen to move - convection?
  • Escaping smoke from the fireplace may dirty the screen
  • Not sure if screens can ignite

Is the plan a good one ? Discuss . .


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have faith man! it'll be cool :cool:

I've now gone off the idea of the side pull screen, just going with a standard pull-down screen mounted upside down (asked a couple of manufacturers, they don't see any great issue with this approach.

THe screen will sit inside of a custom mantle-piece, this will have some sort of heat shield on the base (thinking of that heat reflective chrome stuff you see inside posh engine covers or perhaps a slab of something chromed).

-It's an enclosed gas fire and most heat goes straight out as opposed to up in the main.
-I'm having a radiator fitted in the room so the gas fire will only be used now and again.

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Fires give out light as well was heat. Up close to the screen it'll play havoc with your picture quality even if you don't burn the house down


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Yeah the light issue will cause issue so there won't be much film watching with it on. Although I have considered getting a firescreen, there has got to be some sort of material that is transparent (ish) to IR but not visually.... pipe dream maybe.

I haven't as of yet figured out how I am going to add tension above and beyond what the screens coil spring will give. To compound the issue whatever I decide will need to work at two different heights... figure I'll only pull the screen out as far as I need for the aspect ratio I am viewing...

Yup.. certainly don't like to make things easy for myself.

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