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Sorry - this will be a silly question, I apologise. So you can answer me and then go back to answering sensible questions :)
I have an Onkyo 5.1 setup. Two satellite speakers at the back of the room need to have longer cable runs attached - well longer than the amount of cable that came with them initially.

Total run length on both will be around the 5m mark, so nothing special.
The cables that came "in the box" are nice and thin, easy to hide and with my relatively cheap setup, I know more than up to the job.
I ordered in some "speaker cable" and I'm sure it is top quality, but it is just so thick with a hard plastic surround them - just a pain to try and hide those around the room.

So what is the "basic" speaker cable that would have come with an Onkyo 5.1 setup called? What gauge will it be and how can I ensure I really am getting some very basic cable that doesn't have massive amounts of plastic around them - I just want there to be more cable than there is plastic shielding :)

From my limited reading, 16 gauge is what I'm seeking??

Cheers all for your patience


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