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Silly cable installation question

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by lintonmac, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. lintonmac


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    Hi all
    About to take delivery of my first plasma which will support DVI-D, VGA, Scart, S-Video, and component video (and some composite too) connections.

    I need to connect this plasma from my plasterboard wall where it will be hung to my AV cabinet which is about 3m horizontally away to various sources.

    I think it will be not TOO much hassle to run some of the cables, but those with big connectors on such as SCART and DVI-D etc seem like they'll be a problem. Are these available with one end missing which can be connected by an installer? Or is that not a good idea?

    Do people use conduit so that it is easier to replace a cable subsequently. If so, does anyone have any good links to appropriate stuff?

    Also, what about the mess behind the PDP? My connectors today are close to floor level (power, cat 5, composite/RF leads etc). I was planning to move some of these up to behind the panel, with the new leads. But I can imagine it will be quite a mess still, although perhaps only visible from certain angles. What have people done in this case? I expect only to use SOME of the cables, but don't want to be caught out this time after failing to wire properly for video a few years ago.

    Anyone got bright ideas or examples of keeping their wall's minimalist in all this cable confusion?


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