Silicon OptixRealta HQV Processor Comes to Affordable Projectors


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Did anyone else notice this announcement?

VSX and HQV processors seem to be the preserve of only the most expensive processors, players and projectors, yet Sharp are introducing a budget all-in-one projector with an HQV processor. The ET20 also has a built-in DVD player and 5.1 sound system, so for just 1600 Euros, it is far from the high-end.

Just as Faroudja processing has become a commodity for mass-market players and amps, it was inevitable that that the new processors would eventually move down-market. While there must be great economies of scale with this projector, I never imagined it would move so far and so fast. What should we expect from any other ambitious new projector or plasma?





CeBIT 2006, Hanover, Germany—(March 9, 2006)—Toshiba has announced the et20 projector with integrated DVD player, 5.1-channel audio system, and an exclusive Super Close Projection lens that will produce a 2-meter (diagonal) image from 1-meter and a 1.5-meter image from only 70 centimeters away. The projector will also feature the Realta HQV® video processor for delivering what's acknowledged as the industry's best image quality. The projector will have a retail price of €1599 ($1900 US) and will be available in April 2006.

“Toshiba's et20 will use the no-compromise Realta HQV® processor, which makes any standard DVDvideo approach the image quality of HD video. Exclusive HQV features such as pixel-by-pixel noise reduction and advanced multi-cadence detection ensure that any DVD will deliver outstanding image quality,” said Gerd Holl, General Manager, Toshiba's Projection & Display Technology Group. Realta “HQV Powered by Teranex” encompasses true 10-bit video processing, full four-field motionadaptive video deinterlacing for both standard-definition and high-definition signals, pixel-by-pixel temporal-recursive noise reduction, automatic film-mode detection, and pixel-based detail enhancement. It also uses the same video processing power—one trillion operations per second—as the $60,000 Teranex Xantus box.

“Toshiba is driving a new paradigm shift by creating this new category of projector. With its ability to produce a large image from such a short distance, Realta HQV video processing and exceptional ‘Anyplace' 2D keystone, and its integrated 5.1 surround sound system, this projector is sure to be a tremendous success for Toshiba, and it will set a very high bar for the rest of the industry,” said Hamid Farzaneh, Executive VP of Sales and Business Development, Silicon Optix.


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Good stuff although they're only SD resolution which is a shame. At least the Realta chip is in the display as you've been suggesting Nick. :) I believe Yamaha also have a PJ with it in but at a considerably higher retail price. All we need now is for someone to stick it into Plasma's/LCD's etc.

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