Silent Power Supply Unit for PC


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I'm sorry if this is not the appropriate forum for this thread. I am currently building my new PC (which will be used for games, DVD authoring, etc). I need to buy a power supply to fit into the ATX case. Can someone please recommend me one (manufactureer, etc)? The PSU has to be at least 400 W (to run a top-end P4), have all the necessary connectors (including for S-ATA hard disks) and - the most important factor - it's got to be SILENT. The assembled PC will be situated in the living room, so the PSU must be silent otherwise the family won't appreciate something that sounds like an aircraft engine while their trying to watch TV.

I've read loads of reviews out there for different PSU's, but none seem to comment on the noise factor.

Any advice is greatly approeciated.



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Sorry, this thread was meant for the "PC-gaming" forum....I posted it in the wrong place. My mistake.

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