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Mar 9, 2002
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Sorry if I'm asking a question that has been asked a hundred times before, but I'm trying to find the best solution to the following problem:

- my graphics card (GeForce 2 Pro) is currently the noisiest component in my PC and is really p*****g me off - I would love to get a card that has no - or a passive - cooler, that does the following ...

- TV tuning capability and s-video in - I had been thinking about getting an all-in-wonder 7500 or 8500

- very good quality DVD playback on the TV out (s-video)

- I'm not going to be using the PC connected to a projector - so don't think Composite output or the like is that important - and does this mean that I don't need DeScaler? (Which apparently doesn't work with the AIW cards)

- I'd like dual head capability - since my PC is a moderate distance from the TV, it's a pain using my current GeForce 2 Pro since I either have the TV out or the monitor - so I can't see what I'm typing when using the TV out

Anyone got some suggestions on which is the best route to take? At a minimum very good DVD playback on s-video out, dual head and silent are the top priorities.

There was a thread a week or two back about a Radeon 9000 card with passive cooling. You get get it from here:

It can support two or three displays including TV, and there is a 128MB version for a few £ more, which is what I bought. There's no TV or S-video in, but as the card is fairly cheap you could probably afford a separate TV tuner card.
Excellent, thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for.

Are you happy with the overall quality / performance?

Are you happy with the overall quality / performance?

I haven't got a working system assembled yet so I've not been using it except when I took it round to a friends house for testing. He thought the picture quality was better than with his current card, although I will reserve judgement until I use it with my monitor. I tried out the software and it has loads of features - for example rotating the display by 90 or 180 degrees for viewing large documents etc.

A few other people bought this card after reading the thread, so maybe they will post some reviews soon.

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