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    I want to start putting together a home cinema cpu! Well what it will be when I'm done. I was gonna probably put a athlon 2800+, ati 9700 all-in-wonder(since I'm fairly happy with my 32MB all-in-wonder), to name a few things. But I was gonna start off with the case and I'm looking at Chieftec aluminum case and was just wondering how many fans I would need if it is enclosed to keep it pretty cool and what are some good silent ones. And any other cool add-ons!
    Athlon 2800+
    ATI 9700 AIW
    Audigy Platinum sound card
    two 200 Gig hard drives (add slowly)
    Chieftec case w/ fans and some other cooling devices
    monitor = ?
    sony dru-500A

    that's a list of what I want to add!
    thanks for the help!

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